Creating art and telling your stories isn't easy, trust us we know, but it only becomes more difficult when you don't have a safe space to share it. Wack Mag was created as a platform for you, yes you, to share absolutely anything you want. That photo you took of your grandma last summer, the playlist you made after your first big breakup, your diary entry from eighth grade, or the article you've been meaning to write about sexual health: we want it all. 

We're made up of a team of five pals who had a few bad experiences trying to get our work out there in the big scary world. Our goal is to close the gap between the creator and the consumer. Our writers are our readers. At Wack Mag, there are no rules. Except to have fun.


Kate Cunningham 

She Her Hers

Hi! I'm Kate and I am currently a junior here at Emerson College for Non-Fiction Creative Writing. I really love the people in my life, I get embarrassingly excited about food and nature, and I live to create movement, art, photos, and stories!

Hi there! I'm Erina and I study Video Media Arts Production at Emerson College (aka I have a Her poster on my wall and personally identify with Ladybird). I love to spend my time sitting in the grass and people watching; gaining insight into others personal experience through their art is my favorite thing we get to do as humans!! 

She Her Hers

Erina McSweeney

Matt Walting

He Him His

Ahoy! I'm Matt and I'm the one that puts the things on the web. I'm a film major at Emerson College (oof) and this is just one of the many things I overextend myself with! Sending luv xoxo ;)

Hanna Marchesseault 

Howdy! I'm Hanna, a junior at Emerson College majoring in Journalism with a double minor in Marketing and Music History. I love to write (but don't do it enough), listen to music (and claim it's my only personality trait), and just want to own a food truck (sue me!). 

She Her Hers

Katie Powers

I am a junior at Emerson College studying Writing, Literature, and Publishing with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I love to write, and my favorite medium is poetry. In my free time, I scroll through Twitter to catch up on the news and binge TV to help me forget about the news.

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