Send us an email at 

Please include the following: 

Your name, as you would like to see it credited

Your pronouns

Your Instagram handle if you want to be tagged

A statement about your piece (however long you think is necessary)

We accept any and all creative mediums! Wack Mag is an open space for creatives to try new things or get existing work out into the world. We especially love things that are abstract and make us think or feel deeply. We also really value playfulness and uniqueness because we want to highlight a wide variety of artists, perspectives, and styles. 

What happens once I submit? 

Visual work—

If you are submitting visual works (photos, videos, visual art) we will let you know that we got your submission and then will be in contact about when it will be posted. 


Written Work—

If you are submitting written work (nonfiction, fiction, essays, poetry) we will let you know we received your submission before sending it out to a few editors who will review it and make any edits/suggestions that may be needed. Once these have been made, we will let you know so that you can review or apply them. When the piece is finalized we will let you know around the time/day that it will get posted and if anything else is needed for the visual side of the post.