A Collection of Works: Eleni Econopouly

By Eleni Econopouly | @eleni.econopouly

Black Lives Matter

Share Your Home With Those Who Don’t Have One

We Stand For All Women

Eleni Econopouly did these paintings with pen and India ink while in Greece three summers ago.

To explain these pieces, she says:

“Each piece reflects on a different social issue:

1. The black lives matter movement and justice for black people.

2. Refugee crises worldwide. When I made this piece, I was definitely thinking about Syria, but the scope of the crisis within my own mind has broadened since.

3. The oppression that women experience and live with.

The style of art is loosely based on Greek iconographic paintings, and I chose to do this because each issue that I attempt to address in these pieces is an issue that has been staunchly opposed by the Church. Since the Church (not any specific denomination, just organized Christianity in general) has played such an enormous role in the oppression of the people that my paintings depict, it seems fitting to appropriate their art style, especially given the hypocrisy within the Church's messages of love and charity. All of the people depicted in the paintings are those most needed of love and charity, but also those most neglected.”