Bathroom Pictures

Photography Claire Richards (@claire.richards) Models Chris Olsen (@_o9o9o9o_), Chloe Palmer (@chlopalm), Garrett Seamans (@phylm) and Lauren Cassiano (@laurencassiano)

“Bathroom Pictures” by Claire Richards is a portrait series that explores bathrooms as a space of temporary use. People enter them, go to the bathroom, and leave. So, Claire aimed to observe, and capture, how people exist in bathrooms—a time when they are specifically not being observed. She says when people are in bathrooms "there are no sociological or societal rules/norms for how to act, so people are acting as themselves instead of performing for others." She also did not direct the posing of the subjects in order to get an accurate representation of how they individually exist in the space.

Claire believes "the act of photographing a person in a bathroom freezes this temporary moment and allows it to be studied as permanent," meaning we also have the luxury of learning from this exploration.

CalArts: Chris' dorm bathroom

Marin, CA: Chloe's home bathroom

Loyola Marymount University: public bathroom

CalArts: public bathroom

CalArts: Claire's dorm bathroom