"so, what is art?"

By Lipsky Zhou | @sobaloverlip

I started the "so, what is art?" series with a random thought which hit me on a normal day. On that day, I posted two photos on my Instagram, with the photo I didn’t like gaining two times more likes than the one I enjoyed a lot. My first thought was 'why?', and then I realized there is actually a difference existing between each of us about the definition of beauty and art.

Different people adore different kinds of photography, it is not about a better taste or a worse taste. We are just different, and that leads to a diverse world of photography.

At the beginning of the series of "so, what is art?", I tried to observe my viewers' reactions towards different photos. I posted a big amount of photos to see, to count, to adjust myself. Then I had something way more ambitious in my mind, I want to make this series a life-length one. I'm posting different styles of photos as I am also searching my own way for the field of photography, and there is not going to be an end for my searches. I got more confused while taking more photos.

What kind of photography is the best kind for me? What is real art?

I have no clue yet, and I'm planning to spend a long time in my future trying to figure this out. Living and learning.