The Rise of the Galactic Cruise Ship Industry

By Luc Hagopian | @luchagopian

look into the fullness black I see

something, just on the fringe

or maybe it’s just me

but if it isn’t, then my vision’s tinged

with the fission of a thousand neon billboards

lighting up infinite suburban stations

skyhook lines in shining razor cords

extending endless paths of newborn nations

among sun too numerous to count

the darkness isn’t truly black at all

but a final frontier calling out

which the Age Of Space will fill with malls.

great ancient gods the stars had used to be

divine unknown, unknowable

unquantifiable in fee

an antithesis of earthly rubble

neurons fueled by greedy need we went

and where we went we took

and when we took we bent

our celestial awe to history books

the corporations truly earned a lot

pounds of empty paper filled their vaults

a godless dirty sky is what we got

a reflection to immortalize our faults.