Untitled: A Poem

By Sophia Kriegel | @sophkriegel

A knife on the tongue turning into a tongue

-Ocean Vuong

A gun and a clown and a flower for a bullet The

thing that kills me loves me, in the end There is

blood on the floor and on my hands I use it as

hair dye The room is red Anger is my new

favorite color I keep a ladybug on my thumb

And then it dies, by accident The boy rips the

wings off of dragonflies, for fun But kisses me

on the forehead in the morning So I love him

My house is burning in the middle of winter I

dance in front of the fire to keep warm I am so

good At turning the sharp of steel into soft belly

My mother gives me a handful of chocolate And

it melts before I can eat it I lick my palms until

they are clean, again