Wack Weekly Challenge: Week Eight

This week’s theme was the color yellow! Yellow can be a feeling or a sight, associated with joy, sunshine, and warmth. We hope you’re feeling all these things now and if not then remembering them fondly. We hope these submissions can make you feel all that’s associated with the color, so here’s what you all came up with:

Hanna Marchesseault

Grace Deraad

Liz Lavender

Leah Heath

i used to hate the color yellow.

i had always thought that the darker

shades looked gross,

and that the lighter shades appeared too


nothing about the color seemed to appeal

to me, until 11 years ago

when i met my best friend.

if yellow was a person, it would be her.

over the years, i’ve seen her incorporate it

into her life whenever possible,

from the Hufflepuff mug in her kitchen

to the sunglasses on top of her head.

growing up, she would point out the

beauty of yellow every time i criticized it,

and i would stubbornly claim

that i would never change my mind.

but now, yellow has a new meaning.

when yellow appears, i see my best friend

and all the things i love about her.

i see the freckles that crowd around her

nose and her cheeks.

i think of her mustard yellow sweater that i

used to tease her about when we were


i’m reminded of her laugh, her kindness,

the way we’d watch a movie that we’ve

seen a hundred times

and still have something new to say about

it afterwards.

i think of the sleepovers,

the birthday parties,

the milestone moments that we walked

beside one another for.

she took a color that i once hated and

turned it into something i can no longer

live without.

she is the yellow in my life,

and for that i am grateful.

Shruti Rajkumar

Meg Aubry

William Rowley

Laura Philips

Reina Garcia

Emerson Labon

Kate Cunningham

Yellow was the first color I smiled a toothless smile at.

Yellow was the first sweet honey taste of life that I got.

Yellow buckets of happiness were pouring out of me when I was brought into the world.

I made everything happy with yellow that even my parents were the color of lemons.

But as I started to grow up more and more of my yellow leaves turned to green with the blue of life.

Then eventually one day I had no yellow left. I was just blue.

I started to notice the people and environment around also started to change color too.

And then eventually the yellow I used to see became a yellow-less rainbow.

All of my friends were different shades of color but none of them were the color of sunflowers.

They were different shades of blues, purples, reds, and even greens.

I had this need of finding some yellow and I had this want of smiling at it again.

It’s unfair how quickly the color yellow is drained out of us.

Before we know it, we have picked up another color that doesn’t give the same feeling.

I felt like the two decades that I have lived I only got to smile at yellow for less than half of them.

I am a consistent shade of blue, red, and sometimes green.

But the moment I saw your yellow mustard shirt in the yellow-less world I let go of all of my shades of blue, green, and red.

When I met you I smiled a toothful smile at yellow again.

When I first kissed you I tasted golden honey again.

When you made me laugh I poured mustard buckets of happiness again.

I wore your yellow mustard shirt like armor.

And you touched my green-blue leaves with caution.

My rainbow was missing yellow and you made it complete.

Emilia Cardona

Valerie Harrison

Sofia Picornell

Zoë Fenn

Erika Meza

Erina McSweeney