Wack Weekly Challenge: Week Five

This week we asked you to send us a blurb, a sketch, a list, or a simple thought that you felt memorable. Here are some glimpses inside your life:

Nancy Vargas

Mary Catherine Neal

Johanna Faith

Leah Heath

Stephanie Lawlor

Jane Mortitz

March 4th, 2020

Last night kissing brought me back to life and then quickly turned me cold again. It reminded me of a passage in the bell jar where Esther comes home from a night out and takes a bath and becomes ‘pure again like a newborn baby’. The trouble is I don’t have a bathtub.

Erina McSweeney

Kailee Parsons


Emma Peluso

I spent a weekend on the Choptank River with Stan and Pam and my family. Stan has Japanese characters on his hands that I looked at and wondered what they meant.

Nobody would tell me when I was a kid.

I still don't know.

Emily Bunn

Rose Alee Martinez

Faith Bugenhagen

Morgan Hough

Allyson Roche

Londynn Nelson