Wack Weekly Challenge: Week Nine

This week we asked you to write a horoscope for your best friend! We know times are stressful and confusing right now, and maybe we can't always provide comfort and support to everyone, but we thought it would be nice to give a loved one a reminder to keep around. Here are your submissions:

Hello Zoe,

Unfortunately, Co-Star’s Systems are down for the day. As a result, your horoscope has been written by one of our employees based on information we've gathered from your phone. Our employee, Tatum, was assigned to write your horoscope and here’s her result:

Hello Zoe!!

Quarantine sucks, but at least it's giving you more time to fantasize about skinny white boys and make more sad music playlist. I saw your TikTok where you're singing your original song and, according to astrological calculations I didn't make, you should make more of them. Based on your moon and star signs and childhood trauma – because isn’t it always about childhood trauma? – Now is the best time to fuel your belief that your soulmate is 17 year old singer songwriter Ruel. He may be just like a lot of the other guys you've obsessed over, but believe me, he's “special.” Sorry, I'm just trying to imagine what liking men feels like. Anyways, hope you have a great day! Worry less about Ivy League school admissions and more on how to get Kylie and Travis back together.

That was your personalized horoscope. We hope you enjoyed it! If you have any issues with it, please contact us at Co-Star right away.

Our systems should be back up soon to deliver your horoscope more conventionally tomorrow.


The Co-Star Team

Tatum Jenkins

You don't marry every option, word, action you choose. Yes, life is a choose your own adventure but didn't your school counselor ever say you can change your mind at anytime? And also, time management is a form of self-care. You live and you should learn.

Leah Heath

Trust the process.

Kate Cunningham

Everything feels like it has been put on hold right now—because it has. You have a lot of time to sit and think about how little is going on. That can be hard. Now is a good time for you to tap into that creative energy that flows through you when you feel the urge. Let it be something that helps you through this. xoxo--

Katie Powers

This week you will endure some hard times, with the precedent all encompassing stressful events being quite evident. You will handle such obstacles with grace, getting through the difficulties to enjoy the later joys to come. A sneaking element will be slowly creeping into your life, have fun with it, enjoy if for all it can be. Within each moment, as you choose how best personally to react to each experience, never shame or guilt yourself into questioning your stance. You must trust yourself as your guide, to recognize what is best for you. You have spent so much time worrying about others’, both for them and for how they will view you, you must begin to let go. Letting go will give you the peace you seek and make you feel the love you deserve to feel. Good things are always to come, always remember this.

Faith Bugenhagen

Dump him!!!

Erina McSweeney