Wack Weekly Challenge: Week One

Last Monday, amidst the chaos of our world, we asked you to send us a photo that brings you joy. It could be a portrait of your favorite person, or a goofy photo you took months ago on your iPhone. We had an absolute blast collecting these submissions and seeing what kinds of scenes put a smile on your face (and they brought many smiles to us, too). So, we really hope these images can also brighten your day with everything going on at the moment. Thank you for sending in photos, and stay tuned for next week’s Wack Weekly Challenge, which you can see in the calendar at the bottom of the page!

Allison Hughes

Alyssa Lara

Amelia Loeffler

Annie Wojnarowski

Beatriz Andrade

Carolina Alcantara

Caroline Martone

Cassidy Nelson

Connor Lewis

Eleanor Redding

Emma Engelson

Erina McSweeney

Evan Nikas

Faith Bugenhagen

Hanna Marchesseault

Jessica Salcido

Karthik Ramaswami

Laura Phillips

Leah Heath

Liz Lavender

Maddie Feldman

Madison Goldberg

Maia Tivony

Maria Suevo

Myriam Dupere

Kate Cunningham

Peyton Tague

Qiyue Zhang

Samantha Kay

Shruti Rajkumar

Sophia Picornell

Surya Sundararajan

Veronica Cook

William Rowley