Wack Weekly Challenge: Week Three

For this weeks challenge we asked you to send in a self portrait. We wanted to see anything from you cheesing in front of the camera, to the items in your bedroom that show who you are, where you came from. Here are the portraits (in their many different forms) we received:

Anna Hamre

Dani Lieberman

Faith Bugenhagen

Leah Heath

Alyssa Lara

Kate Cunningham

Mara Tatevosian


she is the sun

    a soft whisper of gold as she rises

she is the earth

     grounded; holding a stance of security

she is the ocean

    embracing those she loves in a sea of affection

she is the moon


    but within her holds the strength of generations 

Reina Garcia

Shruti Rajkumar

Jacob Panzer

Liz Lavender

Erina McSweeney

Qiyue Zhang

Laura Philips

Katie Powers



We want your art!

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to appear, your pronouns, and a brief

statement about your work 

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