Wack Weekly Challenge: Week Two

We love love here at Wack, so we thought we would ask you all what makes you feel loved. It could have been a moment, an action, a story, or a saying. Anything that made your heart soar just a little bit, so here is what you all (and some of us) had to say:

When I feel myself sinking and soaring to depths and heights where I can’t be touched, he stands ready with open arms to catch me. We get butterflies about the same things, but mostly each other. When we’re together the flutters compound; we both buzz until we synchronize. Neither of us can wait until we get to make each other coffee every morning, and sink into our couch when we can, and garnish dinner with sprigs of something from the garden. I know he knows. He knows I know. Our crossing paths are dreamy and distant, but bathed in safe sunlight.

- Meg Aubry

Simply being in the presence of the people I love and knowing that my presence is felt by them. There’s a sort of comfort and warmth in just knowing people are around. We don’t even have to be talking or interacting much, but just knowing that they are there makes me feel I am loved.

- Aaron Huynh

I have a secret: I'm a damn dumb dog

and I cannot read. You can't just leave

signs, you have to Wack me in the face with them

- Hunter Logan

When somebody does something for me, and the thought of expecting something back doesn't cross their mind at all. Almost as if it's second nature to them. When somebody looks past everything and see's your mind, who you are, what you like, the good, the bad and simply understands everything you are. I feel the love strongest in all the small things: the tightness of their hug, the way they dig their face into your shoulder, the way they look at you, the genuine giggles, the light touches. The way someone opens up to you, when it's all there and they know it, but they've chosen to be this vulnerable with you. Above all, I feel loved when I know, without them having to say a single word, that they're feeling it too.

- Surya Sundararajan

my parents wait out on the drive

as my brother and I end our 18 hour trip home from Boston

we adjust to our new normal

my boyfriend listens to me cry on facetime,

unable to do it in person

he is patient and makes me feel heard

my dog sleeps on my bed every night I’ve been home

he only follows me upstairs because I give him treats,

but I don’t care because I love him

- Katie Powers

Two years ago I came home to my room filled with tulips. My favorite part is that they all have a surprise color inside of them. Tulips weren’t even in season anymore, and yet... The summer of 2019, we walked to a dog park. There was only one dog there, but they were still happy and I was happy to see the dog. And again four months ago, I came home to a Frozen II helium balloon tied to the end of my bed.

- Leah Heath

The second girl I ever loved brought me a quesadilla

and crawled up beside me

and we watched Netflix while I cried into her shirt.

She told me she knew. She told me life fucked us over sometimes and that it really fucking


I told her I loved her,

as I had hundreds of times before.

She told me the same thing, as she had

hundreds of times before.

This time, when the words tumbled off her lips,

I finally embraced them.

- Kathryn Smith

He shouted my name across the crowded crosswalk and it sounded like it belonged in his mouth.

- Erina McSweeney

a warm cup of tea delivered to me by my mom without having to ask. the perfect amount of milk. the perfect amount of honey.

random thoughts texted to me by friends.

“i like this song, i think you would, too.”

personal messages written on the inside cover of a newly gifted book.

- Hanna Marchesseault

It was a Saturday morning, really afternoon but my friends and I had woken up late and gone to get brunch. I couldn't even begin to tell you what we were talking about. All I remember is looking around at them, looking around at the unusually uncrowded cafe [forgetting that it was off hours] and just feeling as if there was no place I'd rather be. I felt so safe, so secure in that moment there was nothing to worry about. I felt indescribably and immeasurably loved.

- Faith Bugenhagen

My aunt told me when I was fifteen during a quiet midnight conversation that she would have had a child if someone could have promised her they would have been like me. I haven’t talked to her in four years because of a much longer story, but her words that night stick with me. Sometimes they hurt. Sometimes they make me want to be better to prove her right.

- Kate Cunningham

I feel most loved by someone who will participate in witty banter yet won't make me feel undermined.

- Madeline Bolander