Wack Weekly Challenge: Week Two 2021

Week two of 2021's wack weekly challenges is "hands." They're how we communicate, show love, show comfort, express ourselves, and for a lot of us, navigate the world. They are also really beautiful and endlessly unique. And, we all know the inspiration for this challenge was the beloved @subwayhands Instagram. We had a blast seeing what images you've taken that speak to you, so here they are!

Melissa Desmond


William Rowley

Talia Smith

Maya Rubio

Kate Cunningham

Tristan deBaurwere

Diamonds Are Forever

My grandmother’s hands were already soft and saggy when I was born. As a child, my favorite part about them was the indent on her ring finger under her wedding band—a valley permanently carved into her after fifty years of marriage. To me, the groove symbolized a commitment to love, but it was also where her hands were the softest.

After she passed away, my grandfather wore both rings on a chain around his neck. It was his way to commit to the love of his life, even after his fingers became too soft and thin to wear his wedding ring. Regardless, her memory never left our minds. As he grew old and I grew up, the two of us spent years missing the way her hands lit the Shabbat candles, how they peeled radishes for lunchtime, or how she leafed through her directory right before calling a friend.

I’ve never missed her hands as much as the day my grandfather passed away. I would’ve given anything to have her soft fingers brush away my tears when I realized I lost both wedding rings at the funeral.

Sisel Gelman

Erina McSweeney

Leah Heath

Joy Freeman


Hanna Marchesseault

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