We Don't Have To Tell People We Met on Tinder

By Ana Hein | @ana_hein_

Art by Laurel Frisbee | @l.frisbeee

A found poem composed of lines from actual Tinder bios. All spelling and punctuation is preserved.

Looking for something real . I was told this was the place

to ruin somebody’s life?

Just lovin’ and laughin’ and bustin’ my ass and I call it

livin the dream Hunting, Fishing, Fucking & Loving every day I’m ugly

but I’m cooler and better then all these guys

on here I’m not funny, I promise. I’m really a fun guy to be around

I’m just tryna find a nice girl, you know?

If you don’t look like you do in your pictures

well.. your buying me drinks till ya do

It’s easy to not be boring if you can withstand pain.

it puts the lotion on its skin

and gets the hoes again and again

I know great places for dinner

If you are looking for something else tell me

If something happens then we'll go from there