What's Happening to the Armenian People and How You Can Help

On September 27th, 2020, Azerbaijan executed military aggression against Artsakh with the support of Turkey. This is a direct attack on Armenian civilians, the most serious since Armenia and Azerbaijan signed a cease-fire in 1994. This human rights issue has been diminished to a land conflict by both the media and Azerbaijan government.

Persian Rug is a podcast hosted by Mara Tatevosian, an Armenian visual artist based in Los Angeles. On this week's episode, she is joined by fellow Armenian, Raya Derbedrossian. They came together to create this resource with the intention of educating Westerners who do not have any knowledge on the history of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as their allies.

"We tried to make this as accessible to the Westerners as possible, explaining our history with genocide, the Soviet Union, and why this particular attack by the Azeri people is a calculated move towards the extermination of the Armenian people," explains Tatevosian.

How You Can Help & Other Resources

Donate here and here to aid in delivering essential aid to Artsakh.

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